Local time: 09:11 pm

Block 83, Town Centre, 4th Avenue, 90000 Sandakan, Sabah

13 km from Sandakan Airport...

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Sandakan Free Walking Tour

Sandakan Free Walking Tour is led by a group of like-minded individuals
and/or local volunteers who supports sustainable tourism, local Sandakan
businesses, local culture and traditions.
This tour is created and supported by Borneo Sandakan Tours with the
purpose of supporting our authentic nature city, Sandakan, the one that we
sincerely love. The Sandakan Free Walking Tour is entirely planned and
prepared by professional licenced nature guides from Borneo Sandakan

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The Sandakan Free Walking Tour is fun and educational, the perfect
introduction to Sandakan and its history since the 1700s.
All our guides live locally and are able to share with you things about
Sandakan that you cannot find in travel books. They know plenty about the
Sandakan history, culture, local traditions and can help you with any general
or practical questions you have regarding your stay in our city.
We have decided to run the Sandakan Free Walking Tour because we
believe it’s a great contribution to Sandakan and its visitors to offer
everybody a chance get to know our lovely town.

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For more info please visit: http://www.borneosandakan.com/free-walking-tour

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